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» What does the cost include?
      In addition to instruction and studio fees, the cost
      includes your room (usually private) in "The Hotel",
      a rustic 19th-century miners boarding house.
      Common areas include bathroom, library, dining
       room, and kitchen.
      The cost also includes 3 meals daily. Students
      prepare their own breakfasts (food provided), while
      lunch and dinner are prepared for them.

      We offer a wide variety of meals that include lots of
      fresh vegetables and freshly prepared side dishes
      and meats.

Dennis Parks carrying pots to kiln, circa mid-70s
Mean old rooster...

Vegetarians are very easily accommodated.
Students should supply their own soft drinks and/or alcoholic beverages, if desired. 

Students buy their clay from the school, at our cost.  If you wish to bring clay with you, please inquire about appropriate types.   
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