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» What is unique about the Tuscarora Summer Pottery School?
      First, the town of Tuscarora itself is quite       unique—established in the early 1870s after the       discovery of large gold and silver deposits, it       experienced the typical boom and bust fate of       most old western mining towns.

      In its glory days, Tuscarora's population swelled       to over 3000 seekers, and though its population       had dramatically declined by the turn of the       century, Tuscarora never truly became a ghost       town, as there has always been people living here.

      The present population of 14 is mostly made up
      of artists. Tuscarora is a place where they have       come to concentrate on their work and live       unencumbered lives. We are in Tuscarora for       these very reasons. Our teaching approach is to       share our knowledge, our studios, and our life       style with students—for two weeks we get to share       our work, our meals, our ideas in intimate       surroundings.
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