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» How many students do you take at a time?
     Usually, we accept 6 students per session.
     Occasionally, with prearranged groups, we have
     accommodated up to 10 students.
   (To FAQ list)
Dennis and Julie, circa late 60s

» Can I get college credit?
      Frequently students do earn college credit for their time in Tuscarora, though
this is something you must arrange in advance with your college's art
department. Typically, in addition to our tuition, you must pay a per unit of
credit fee to the college granting you credit.   (To FAQ list)
on the back porch

» What should I bring?
Students should bring their personal pottery tools. Only casual and comfortable clothes are needed. Be prepared for warm weather during the day and cooler weather at night; shorts and T-shirts for daytime and long pants and sweatshirts for nighttime. And a bathing suit for The Glory Hole--our swimming pond on the southern edge of town. Towels and bed linens are supplied.        (To FAQ list)
the Glory Hole
» Do you take raw beginners?
We accept students at all levels, though people with at least one or two semesters of junior college/university training (or the equivalent) probably get more from their experience in Tuscarora. Since we usually take 6 students at a time, we are able to give each student lots of personal attention. In our workshops we tailor our instruction to meet the individual student's needs and aspirations.      (To FAQ list)